Hey Alice!


My name is Zack Arp and I am applying to be the new editorial intern for Aperçu Journal.

This is me.

zack arp photographer director travel photographs destination travel and leisure resort hotel food beach wedding and lifestyle photographs australia wedding photogrpahy-1-2.jpg
zack arp photographer director travel photographs destination travel and leisure resort hotel food beach wedding and lifestyle photographs-1-32.jpg

I wanted to make this fun and simple for you while still showcasing my abilities, so I've designed this page myself in lieu of a normal resume and cover letter to tell you the five reasons I would be the best intern for Aperçu. 



No. 1

I have a strong affinity for travel, photography, writing, design, and digital media.

After graduating in 2014 with a bachelor of fine arts degree in songwriting, I became extremely interested in visual arts, and quickly made that my life.

By 2015, I successfully launched my first photography business, turning my "portraits of friends" into a wedding empire, photographing over 50 weddings around the US and even as far as St. Lucia. 


No. 2

I am an extremely hard worker... and I have been for as long as I can remember.

In fact, one of my earliest memories of "the hustle" goes back to 2006, when I auditioned for the percussion chair in the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp orchestra that would tour Europe for 3 months.

I practiced so hard that I beat out over 2,000 other applicants and got the spot to be the youngest member of the orchestra to date... oh how I thoroughly enjoyed my first trip abroad playing The Firebird Suite and Mahler for crowds up to 10,000 people. 

apercu journal - travel orchestra tour.jpg

No. 3

I am one of the fastest learners you'll ever meet. 

I have taught myself classical piano, the adobe design suite, film photography, business marketing, and how to easily navigate the Paris, Rome, London, and New York metro transit systems as if it were my job. 

My most recent feat of self-taught victory would be the branding and launch of my new fine art film photography studio : Dottie Morris

dottie frame header.jpg

No. 4

I have direct expereince working with brands + blogs to create written and visual content.

For the past 3 years, the leading travel agency Topdeck Travel has hired me to photograph their entire European catalogue + magazine, and to work with their content teams in both Sydney, Australia (shoutout Alessia + Josh) and in London (shoutout Jen + Polly) to create digital media pieces featured on their social media and blog. 

Here are some examples of the work I've done for Topdeck :



Last year I even made it on their print cover!

No. 5

I am extremely outgoing and love to succeed! 


In the past year alone, I worked with brands such as Kodak and Sony to help create and execute entire campaigns, produce live events, and act as a curator to oversee the success of hugely impactful missions by all 3 of these companies. 

Here is a link to a recap of each: 

KODAK : http://www.zackarp.com/kodak

SONY : http://www.zackarp.com/sony


Furthermore, I have also created my own platform and writing adventure that will allow me to share my experiences meeting new people around the world. This project began out of a love for travel + stories and I believe this is the best example of how my talent would best suit Aperçu Journal. 

Please follow this link to view "Not So By Myself" : http://www.zackarp.com/notsobymyself

That's a Wrap!

I hope that this page has been helpful in understanding the areas of my skill and how dedicated I am to pursuing excellence and growth in my endeavors.

I would like to add that I am moving to New York this month after my birthday, and will be in the city again as of May 1st. If I seem to be the right fit as your editorial intern I will be more than happy to meet with you in person or over the phone to discuss this opportunity further. 

I appreciate you extending your time to read this and would like to thank you in advance for your consideration. 


Zack Arp