Topdeck Asia 360º VR


March 7th - 14th

Topdeck Travel x Zack Arp



Objectives and Approach


A fully immersive, 360º virtual reality video that shows the viewer how Topdeck truly provides unforgettable travel adventures. We will create lifestyle content that will highlight the Topdeck experience by focusing on fun and genuine moments. The video will juxtapose high energy activities with significant events of self-realization, all shot cinematically in a virtual reality environment. Establishing shots (tight of feet hiking, wide of landscapes, etc) will place the viewer in the scene before introducing each real moment. The final product will be formatted for share-ability across social channels and reinforce Topdeck as a innovative leader in travel.




*I looked up flight costs and pulled the day rate / per diem numbers from our last trip, so I think they'll be close for this, but please let me know.

Flights returning from Thailand ($500 x 2 people) $1000

Day rate 

  • video/audio/photo shoot on location ($150/day x 10 days) = $1500 (x 2 people) $3000
  • Insurance and Equipment Cost (insurance, underwater housing rental, stabilizer rental) $600

Per diem on location ($50/day x 10 days) = $500 (x 2 people) $1000

production cost subtotal $5600



*This is very open to discussion. We definitely want to lock in what content we go with and what length we'd like the video(s) edited down to, how soon we want the content delivered, how many revisions we want, if we want social media blasts, etc.

Here are some numbers I've pulled to reference:

Music Licensing commercial license w/ music bed $500

Video Licensing minute length cut w/ 2 revisions + international web use in perpetuity $1000

Post Production two week turn around time ($100/day x 14 days) $1400

post production cost subtotal $2900

total cost $8500