We want to make you films. Not just any films, but 5 incredibly high energy bucket list style films that will showcase the best parts of each adventure we go on. 

We'll be prepared to capture each trip with a variety of cameras for land, aerial, and aquatic cinematography to deliver the highest production quality possible.  

Our dates are flexible, so we can fit into your calendar and start creating content immediately. 

We're a team of two, making us nimble, efficient, and better together. Think more power for less cost. 

We're also passionate about mixing critical thinking with inspiration, which has led us to your new secret weapon: the brand film. 


A brand film will solidify Topdeck’s position as the leader in the youth travel industry more than any other marketing technique or content.  A meaningful film that inspires your customer community by speaking on the heart of travel will help more people find your brand in a more organic way than by constantly pushing out promotional material. The brand film is a type of inbound marketing that will act as a rallying cry and help the consumer not just see themselves going on a life changing adventure with Topdeck, but to internalize the significance and importance that travel plays in their life. This connection fosters loyalty and advocacy for Topdeck as the viewer organically shares the video via social media. 


Each viewer will walk away from the film inspired to embark on a life changing adventure. Humans connect with humans, and the first person voiceover will help the viewer to fully step into the world of Topdeck. As the film progresses, the viewer will begin to realize the many ways that travel helps promote growth in his or her life. Traveling is not simply the action of leaving one’s comfort zone to experience the richness of other cultures and the beauty of the natural world, but rather an experience that creates space for inspiration, reflection, courage, and change. By the end of the film, the viewer will realize that a Topdeck trip is the best possible way to experience life changing travel. 


In a time of content over-saturation, people have developed a highly sensitive bullshit detector. For any video to resonate with a wide audience in 2016, it needs to be created with an authenticity and passion that moves the viewer to form an emotional connection with the piece. We both have traveled extensively and appreciate what travel does on a personal level. WE CARE A LOT about it. Not just for fun, but because of what it's done for us. Travel has completely transformed our priorities and given us the space to really become inspired to make the art that we do. Our films are born out of an obsession to create the most powerful and impactful messages that we possibly can.


  • 5 individual 1 - 2 minute bucket list films ( 1 per trip ) 
  • 1 brand film shot across 5 locations with voice over
  • 100 - 200 photos per trip
  • The satisfaction of knowing you just hired the best team because we deliver results. 



Fast paced / high energy shots. 

Features locations, events, people, and activities from a point of view angle, so that the viewer visualizes themselves on the trip.  

Exciting choice of music and editing style to showcase the most desirable elements of each trip. 


Beautiful and cinematic shots with thoughtful pacing. 

Features a curated selection of locations and activities across all trips. 

Narrative voice over inspiring the viewer to seek out meaningful travel, now as an ambassador for Topdeck. 


The voiceover will reflect on our own stories and experiences from our own travel with Topdeck. We want the character and tone of the voiceover to be honest and inspiring so that the viewer becomes fully immersed in the film and personally feels the range of emotions that travel invites: the anticipation and excitement before leaving home, the curiosity and courageousness of exploring somewhere new, the sense of belonging and joy that comes with new friendships, and finally the gratitude and freedom that come from life changing travel. 



The Bryan Dale

Professional filmmaker and occasional vagabond. 

 Zack Arp

Professional vagabond and idea enthusiast. 


While we love paid work, we're also keen on delivering more value for less cost. Here's what we think we would need to make this happen. 

  • Trip and flight expenses covered for two people over 5 trips (roughly 1 trip per month over spring and summer)
  • $ 1,000 per diem + $ 2,000 rate per trip = $ 3,000 (x 2 people)
    • trip insurance
    • cinema camera rental
    • trip activities 
    • time on location
    • post production


1. Moroccan Explorer 

March 18 - 27

1. African Insight*

March 16 - 22

2. Road to Phnom Penh

April 3 - 16

3. Japan Highlights

April 24 - May 5 

3. NZ Southern Explorer*

April 18 - 24

4. Ibiza Sailing

July 23-29

5. Turkey Explorer

August 6-17

*additional choice of trip within same time frame