"Paige Denim" Production Notes

Shoot Date: January 25th (Monday)

Directors: Zack Arp and Bryan Dale

Story: Bryan Dale

Production: Zack Arp

Creative Direction: Ren Toner

DP: Foster Asher

Grip: Austin Lewis

Styling: Lwany

Hair: Kelsey Zahn

Makeup: Amy Clarke



Cole Sprouse and Scarlett Leithold


Bar Stella: 3932 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Rooftop Location: 


Monday, January 25th, 2016


11 am - load in to Bar Stella

12 pm - hair and makeup on location

2 pm - begin filming at Bar Stella

6 pm - load out of bar stella / break for dinner

7 pm- load in at rooftop location

8 pm - begin filming at rooftop location

11 pm - wrap set / load out



The One-Sheet:

The scene opens with a dimly lit bar.. and lots of motion. People are coming in and out of the patio, waiting near the side and all along the front to place their drink orders. Our characters (Cole and Scarlett) are both at opposite ends of the bar, each by themselves.

They notice each other from across the room, and make eye contact once or twice.  Cole gets bumped by someone and looks away, but by the time he looks up again, the mystery girl is gone. Before he can pay the tab, the bartender says that the girl paid for his drink and gives him a napkin with “1141 Sunset” written on it.

He looks at the note, finishes the last of his drink, and heads out the door.

With some hope that the girl is right outside, he looks around the corner to check, but with no luck. Looking down at the note again, he signals a cab and hops in.

We follow the cab down Sunset blvd. until it reaches the address, where we find an old building with steps leading up to the door.  Cole gets out and heads up the stairs, through the door, and makes his way into the middle of a room filled with people dancing.

The camera follows Cole as he pushes into the crowd and starts to search for any sign of the girl from the bar. He makes his way around the room once or twice, looking past the crowd on the right and then over near the bar on the left, where he settles to get a drink. The loud music and crowded room seem to get in the way of any chance of spotting her, but suddenly he sees her from across the room under a light. The only problem now, is the other guy standing there with her, pulling her in for a kiss.

Completely defeated, Cole turns to head back for the door, leaving his drink behind.  Just as he is about to head back through the door, someone grabs his hand. As we see him being turned around, we realize that it’s her.

He looks back over his shoulder mid-turn, and their eyes meet.  Without any words, she pulls him back through the crowd, half dancing and half running, to the other side of the dance floor. Before they're off the dance floor, Cole turns her to him and holds her for a moment. After another embrace, they continue up the ladder near the back of the room onto the roof, where there are a few people taking a break from the party downstairs.

With just a slight nod and a shy laugh, she looks into his eyes for a moment before he kisses her.  Realizing that he’d finally found her and that they have the night ahead of them, they make their way over the ledge to look out over the city.