Lynchburg Road Show






Good Dog Nigel

Joel Robert Kaiser

Anchor The Airship





Friday the 18th

  • Start in Lynchburg VA - mid afternoon.
  • Open scene with a drive around town in Pete's van with Parkere and Pete from Good Dog Nigel - show Fairmont house where Joel Kaiser and Parkere lived. *include footage of listening to the Good Dog Nigel E.P. on cassette. 
  • Record interview with Joel and Parkere on roof at Dino Den during golden hour. 
  • Transition to The Garage (self-organized venue courtesy of Dwight from Trouvère)
  • Record interview with Dwight, as well as Drew and Kyle from Anchor the Airship, outside at The Garage - show the benefit concert being played at The Garage during blue hour 
  • Estimated Filming Time = 9 minutes x 2 cameras = 18 minutes

Saturday the 19th

  • Start in Lynchburg VA - morning. *include footage of sunrise time lapse.
  • Begin filming at Hilltop Haus with Anchor the Airship getting ready and loading up gear. 
  • Transition to Dino Den to finish loading gear with Good Dog Nigel and Joel Kaiser and begin caravan to Asheville. *must leave by 11:30 a.m. latest.
  • Capture audio + video during drive to Asheville - Nick filming with Good Dog Nigel and Joel Kaiser - Aidan filming with Anchor the Airship - Zack filming with Trouvère
  • Arrive at Catawba Brewing at 4 p.m. for unload + set up. *include footage of venue
  • Follow the group together on a walk around downtown Asheville - Breweries, Local Shops, Etc.
  • Record highlights from each set (audio + video) during the show - 7 p.m. start time *include crowd footage, close ups on bands, and wide shot of the show from outside
  • Finish the show and caravan to Dwight's house in Boone NC for bon fire / after party.
  • Estimated Filming Time = 15 minutes x 2 cameras = 30 minutes

Sunday the 20th

  • Start in Boone NC - morning.
  • Leave for Grandview Overlook *milepost 281.4 on Blue Ridge Parkway outside of Boone
  • Record an acoustic cover (tbd) with Dwight, Parkere, Joel, and Drew on the overlook - Pete recording audio - *include footage of hiking and acoustic set
  • Pack up and leave for home - arrive back in Lynchburg Sunday afternoon.
  • High fives on major successful first music documentary !!! 
  • Estimated Filming Time = 9 minutes x 2 cameras = 18 minutes

Total Estimated Filming Time = 33 minutes x 2 cameras = 66 minutes 


Nick Sheetz - Super Hero + Editor + Colorist

Zack Arp - Magician + Filmmaker + Photographer

Aidan Matey - Wonder Boy + Photographer + Technical Expert