West Coast Road Trip 2016 in partnership with @phhhoto


- built an audience of 5,000+ fans, earning over 10 viral gifs features to 1 million+ active monthly users in only two months by collaborating directly with the founders and entire staff of @phhhoto, the creative gif platform and community

- envisioned, produced, directed, and executed my own original art installation via curated user-generated content, displayed permanently on the @phhhoto featured page #WOW, viewed by over 1 million daily active users, generating engagement by tens of thousands daily for over 10 days after the initial project release date

- built a content archive of 1,000 fully edited photographs and over 500 gifs, still in use as a primary revenue stream via licensing and personal brand promotion to my current audience, who in turn organically share the archived content weeks and months after the full project deadlines were met

- activated my fan base to respond and engage me daily and consistently over a two month period across multiple platforms seamlessly, creating a level of minimum engagement in the tens of thousands for featured content and 600 to 1,000+ likes and comments per photograph or gif on each @Instagram, @Facebook, and @Phhhoto


*also included directly above: photographs and social media engagement produced and executed for previous automotive partnership with @LandRover, AUS


Video content and photographs envisioned, directed, and produced in partnership with @Kodak + @WithHearts + @BethanyMarieCo / Releasing to audience of 1+ million April 14, 2017


Video content and story envisioned, written, directed, and produced by @ZackArp to demonstrate and showcase the capability of @Apple's #iPhone6+S to capture visually stunning and engaging footage